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When we were kids games were designed to be simple and fun.

Lucky for you, the Bend Beer League is offering the opportunity to be a kid again. We spent countless hours reminiscing about our childhoods in search of a game that anyone could play. And we found it. Tee ball. Set the ball on the tee, knock it off. Run, run run, fun, fun, fun. We like to call it our all thrill, no skill sport... because in the end it's all fun and games.

League games will be held on Sundays from 4:00pm to 6:00pm beginning July 10th and ending August 28th.

Learn more about the fantastical rules of smushball by clicking here.

Ready to get signed-up?


[1 player]

New to Bend? Old to Bend? Want to meet new people, make friends, or find that elusive special someone? Sign yourself up as an individual.

- $75.00 -



[max 18 players]

Already have your squad intact? Ready to put them to the test? As in, how much fun is too much fun? Sign up your whole team as a captain.

- $1125.00 -



[max 18 players]

Business as usual is boring, so let's get unusual and treat your co-workers to some fun in the sun after work hours. Sign up your company's best.

- see pricing options -


"I just let myself be a kid again... I cannot wait for next season."

- Rosa, smushballer

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